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Broadcast Spreader Loan Program

Loan Details
The King Conservation District has a three-point cone spreader available for loan to qualifying landowners* in the District. Use of the spreader is free. To place a request to reserve the spreader, please fill out this form

A soil test is not required but is recommended. This information will help determine the proper application rates for lime, fertilizer or seed. Click here for information on our free soil testing program.

Equipment Details

The spreader is PTO driven and requires a tractor with a three-point hitch. KCD is not able to provide a tractor. The spreader is available year-round. However, it is best to spread when pastures are relatively dry so the soils will not be compacted by the weight of the tractor.

Here is a brief video describing the spreader features and specifications:

Why Spread Lime?
Spreading lime on fields can improve the health of pasture grasses and crops.  Soils in the Northwest are typically acidic because of soil forming factors such as the type of rock the soil comes from, topography and rainfall.  Liming will raise the pH (acidity) of a field to be more neutral (pH of 7).  Nutrients in the soil will be more available when the field’s pH is closer to neutral.  When plants can absorb nutrients more effectively, productivity will increase.

For more information on how, when and why to use lime, check out our fact sheet.

Lowdown on Lime Fact Sheet

Landowners interested in using the spreader will need to pick it up from our office in Renton. Reservations are required and landowners will be placed on a waiting list. To get on the waiting list, please fill out this form.

*Landowners who live within the city limits of Enumclaw, Federal Way, Skykomish, Milton and Pacific are outside the District boundaries and are unable to take advantage of this program. Residents in those cities who are interested in King CD services should contact their local elected official about the benefits of joining the Conservation District.