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Soil Testing Labs

The labs listed below (in no particular order) will analyze your soil samples. As a minimum, you should have your soils analyzed for pH (acidity), available nitrogen, available phosphorus, and available potassium. Once every five years, you might want to have a complete analysis including tests for micronutrients. Some of the labs furnish recommendations for liming and adding fertilizer or manure while others do not. Contact the labs for current pricing information, quantities of soil needed for analysis, how they want soils shipped to them, and the best time of year to get a fast turn-around.

Twiss Analytical Lab; 360-779-5141

AmTest Inc.; 425-885-1664

Burdic Feed; 253-852-2300

Columbia Analytical Services; 360-577-7222

U S Ag Analytical Services; 509-547-3838

KUO Testing Labs; 509-488-0112

Cascade Analytical; 509-662-1888

SoilTest Farm Consultants; 509-765-1622

Soils Lab, Univ. of Massachusetts; 413-545-2311

A & L Western Labs; 20-529-4080

If you have any questions about soil fertility, fertilizers or soil testing please call the District at (425) 277-5581.

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