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King Conservation District Grant Program
2014 Grant Awards

The King Conservation District awards grants for projects that directly improve the condition of natural resources, provide education and outreach to increase awareness, build capacity to enhance implementation of natural resource improvement projects, and implement pilot or demonstration projects.

In 2014 KCD awarded a total of $1,090,595 in grants to 30 local governments and nonprofit organizations across King County.  Below is a list of the funded organizations with brief descriptions of their projects.
City of Auburn - Auburn International Farmers Market- $15,000
Continue support for marketing and promotion to the surrounding community as well as coalition building among multiple community agencies to provide educational demonstrations about buying healthy, local food and the positive impact on the environment and economy that results. For more information contact Joanne Macnab,, 253-931-3051.

City of Bellevue - Bellevue City Hall Green Roof - $50,000
Replace current gravel and concrete area with a 3,000 square foot demonstration green roof outside the 3rd floor deli to provide a visible example of the benefits of a green roof for staff and visitors.  Before and after installation measurements will be taken of temperature, runoff (water quality and quantity), and positive design aesthetics. For more information contact Emma Johnson,, 425-452-5246.

City of Bellevue - Bellevue Youth Theatre Interpretive Signage - $36,000
Provide public environmental education by funding the design and fabrication of six interpretive panels located throughout the project site (indoors and out) which describe how the building meets low impact development standards and how visitors can employ those techniques at home. For more information contact Pam Fehrman,, 425-452-4326.

City of Mercer Island - Solarize Mercer Island - $10,000
Encourage and facilitate the community-wide installation of affordable solar power, thus reducing amount of coal-fired electricity consumed in keeping with the city-wide adoption of the Green Power Campaign. With a goal of at least 30 installations to win the donation of a solar array to the community. For more information contact Ross Freeman,, 206-275-7662.

City of North Bend - Invasive Control at Riverfront Park & Ribary Creek - $14,745
Expand maintenance efforts in partnership with Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust to remove and control weeds, in particular English Ivy, on eight acres on two sites with help from volunteers and professional work crews. For more information contact Jamie Burrell,, 425-888-7642.

City of Renton - 2014 Renton Farmers Market: Marketing & Education - $ 15,000
Increase the city’s ability to support an expanded market, develop a marketing plan, raise awareness of the market through advertising, and additional educational opportunities. For more information contact Carrie Olson,, 425-430-7214.

City of Renton - Landowner Collaboration for Knotweed Control - $100,026
Provide additional funding to continue knotweed control along the Cedar River in partnership with public and private landowners, bringing the total investment in the project to $189,280. For more information contact Terrence Flatley,, 425-430-6601.

City of SeaTac - Riverton Heights Site Improvements - $55,462
Remove 33,194 square feet of asphalt and replace with amended soils using best management practices to improve the site’s ability to infiltrate stormwater in order for the site to be a future community open space amenity. For more information contact Roger Chouinard,, 206-973-4781.

City of Seattle, Parks & Recreation - Building Capacity for Equity in Environmental Education - $16,000
Increase environmental education opportunities in underserved communities by collaborating with community-based organizations to develop accessible environmental education programming. For more information contact Justin Hellier,, 206-386-4169.

City of Shoreline - Park Native Habitat Restoration - $18,000
Restore native plant habitat and control erosion at Richmond Beach Saltwater Park and Boeing Creek Open Space Park. For more information contact Maureen Colaizzi,, 206-801-2603.

Des Moines Farmers Market - Healthy Eating for Low Income Seniors - $11,000
Provide $25 farmers market vouchers for low income seniors age 55 and older as well as people with disabilities of any age to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers at the market as well as free door-to-door shuttle service to market. For more information contact Wayne Corey,, 206-824-1066.

Earth Corps - Eagle Landing Park Watershed Erosion Control - $6,737
Address erosion concerns in collaboration with the City of Burien in a watershed that drains through Eagle Landing Park by reducing surface runoff and washout of native plants by installing native logs, coir logs and dimensional wood structures. For more information contact Bill Brosseau,, 206-322-9296 X 207.

Earth Corps - Kelsey Creek Enhancement at Larsen Lake - $43,989
Restore degraded wetland in collaboration with the City of Bellevue adjacent to Larsen Lake by installing a diversity of native plant communities and removing invasive vegetation. For more information contact Jammie Kingham,, 206-322-9296 X 226.

Earth Corps - Kincaid Ravine Restoration Project - $38,696
Continue engaging the community in successful restoration efforts through native plantings and invasive plant removal while addressing site safety and accessibility. For more information contact Kym Foley,, 206-322-9296.               

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle - Greening Community Centers - $45,000
Design, build and maintain a green stormwater infrastructure demonstration project that serves as an outdoor learning space and a community amenity at the Salvation Army Community Center in White Center. For more information contact Stephen Reilly,, 206-767-0432.

King County Agriculture Program - Keeping Farmers Farming - $200,000
Conserve farmland and agricultural soils, increase the economic success of farm enterprises, and improve farm management practices to protect soil and water quality and wildlife through the implementation of several programs. For more information contact Kathy Creahan,, 206-477-4772.

Leschi Community Council - Frink Park Wetland Restoration - $45,000
Restore two degraded wetlands and their buffers in partnership with the Friends of Frink Park to reduce invasive species, increase native plant and wildlife habitat. For more information contact Darrell Howe,, 206-325-4295.

Middle Green River Coalition - Covington Community Park - $14,282
Replant old trails and access roads with native plants to encourage use of new trails in this passive recreation section of the new park. For more information contact Greg Wingard,, 206-849-5927.

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust - Discovery Park Capehart Restoration Project - $35,000
Expand restoration area by an additional 7.4 acres improving species diversity, removing invasive species, enhancing forest structure and function, increasing conifer canopy cover, and engaging the public in stewardship activities. For more information contact Mackenzie Dolstad,, 206-382-5565 X 29.

Seattle Aquarium - Beach Naturalist Program - $5,775
Provide summer outreach program for underserved students to raise awareness about local beaches, waterways, and intertidal ecosystems near their schools through in-class and field trip sessions. For more information contact Janice Mathisen,, 206-386-4365.
Seattle Parks Foundation - Rainier Beach Urban Farm Capital Expansion - $30,000       
Install native plantings and green infrastructure components in new areas on the farm as part of the larger capital expansion of facilities to be made through March 2015 that will support the expansion of programmatic offerings by Seattle Tilth. For more information contact Becca Aue,, 206-332-9900 X 12.

Seattle Parks Foundation - Friends of Lewis Park - Lewis Park Natural Area Restoration - $40,000
Implement the next phase of Lewis Park Natural Area restoration with native plants, soil amendments, and a native plant demonstration bed while expanding outreach capacity. For more information contact Shava Lawson,, 206-332-9900 X 19.

Seattle Tilth Farm Works - Growing Sustainable Farmers & Farms - $50,000
Support farm incubator program located in Auburn where farmers receive small farm business training, hands-on experience and awareness of best management practices and more for refugees, immigrants, and limited-resource individuals. For more information contact Matthew McDermott,, 253-737-5833.

Seattle University - CitySoil Farm: Sustainability Education and Resource Recovery - $50,000
Expand and diversify educational activities, resource conservation practices, and produce distribution by linking work on the property to school programs. Implement a three-tiered compost bin system, signage, permits for reclaimed water, irrigation system, and plantings for habitat creation. For more information contact Gordon Miller,, 206-296-2067.

Solid Ground Lettuce Link Program - Lost Fork of Hamm Creek Stewardship: Community Engagement and Education at Marra Farm - $9,200
Continue restoration, ongoing maintenance and increased community engagement at Hamm Creek that runs by Marra Farm in South Park. For more information contact Nate Moxley,, 206-694-6754.

Sustainable Seattle - Depave the Duwamish - $25,000
Reduce impervious surfaces in partnership with private landowners and the broader community to introduce green infrastructure and tree canopy. For more information contact Terri Butler,, 206-622-3522.

Washington Native Plant Society - Advanced King County Stewardship Partner Training & Restoration - $40,000
Partner with the cities of Kenmore, Kirkland, Mercer Island, Sammamish, and SeaTac to equip stewards with practical information to conduct native plant restoration in their communities. For more information contact Gary Smith,, 206-527-3210.

Weed Warriors - 2014 Newcastle Earth Day - $8,600
Promote sustainable living practices through educational opportunities about backyard wildlife habitat, native plants in landscaping, rain gardens, controlling invasive weeds, and using natural alternatives to pesticides. For more information contact Grace Stiller,, 206-795-5783.

White River Valley Museum - Equipment & Education at Mary Olson Farm - $29,775
Purchase equipment necessary for the property to function as an educational demonstration site as well as host tours and fieldtrips for Auburn middle school students. For more information contact Patricia Cosgrove,, 253-288-7437.

YMCA of Greater Seattle - Youth in Action: Stewardship, Education & Leadership - $32,305
Provide consistent and dependable adult support for student leaders through an 18-month program to conduct science-based restoration projects and environmental awareness-building campaigns in schools. For more information contact Geoff Eseltine,, 206-839-8913