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King Conservation District Grant Program
2013 Grant Awards

The King Conservation District (KCD) awards grants for projects that directly improve the condition of natural resources, provide education and outreach to increase awareness, build capacity to enhance implementation of natural resource improvement projects, and implement pilot or demonstration projects.

In 2013 KCD awarded a total of $2,347,991 in grants to more than 40 public agencies and nonprofit organizations across King County.  Below is a list of the funded organizations with brief descriptions of their projects.


City FruitMaster Tree Fruit Steward Program   $43,000
Training for volunteers to provide Seattle property owners with hands-on support to care for their fruit trees. Surplus fruit will be donated to City Fruit’s food bank partners.  The first Tree Fruit Stewards will be in the Rainer Valley, Phinney Ridge and West Seattle. Contact: Gail Savina, 206-818-5684,

City of Auburn
Auburn International Farmers Market   $20,000             
Continued support for marketing and promotion of the farmers market with paid advertisements, mailings, materials, social and printed media, and educational demonstrations from partner organizations. Contact: Joanne Macnab, 253-931-3051,

City of Bellevue
and Horses for Clean Water Bridle Trails Program   $22,000
Bellevue Utilities will partner with Horses for Clean Water and Kirkland Public Works to present a no-cost workshop series to horse owners in the Bridle Trails Neighborhood of Bellevue and Kirkland about best management practices that will help improve water quality. Contact: Mike Graves, 425-452-6099,

City of Clyde Hill
Arbor Day Celebration    $1,990         
Educate children of Clyde Hill Elementary School in the values and aims of the National Arbor Day Foundation by planting trees, handing out educational materials and sending students home with a tree of their own to plant. Contact: Courtney Benjamin, 425-453-7800,

City of Des Moines Public Works – Barnes Creek, 223rd St Culvert Replacement     $52,482
Additional funding to support the removal of an undersized culvert and the replacement with a larger fish passage box culvert. Contact: Loren Reinhold, 206-870-6524,

City of Kent Parks & Community Services
Green Kent Partnership, Year 4     $62,403   
Support the following Green Kent Partnership activities: temporary employee, intern, contracted crew time, parks staff time, plants, tools, and contract with Forterra  to steward publicly-owned natural areas. Contact: Victoria Andrews, 253-856-5113,

City of Kent Parks & Community Services
Green Kent Partnership, Year 5    $54,086
Continue implementation of the Green Kent Partnership utilizing the 20 Year Plan as a road map. Enroll 5 new acres and focus on maintenance of work done on 109 acres. Support and train up to 20 stewards with two part time staff and crews. Contact: Victoria Andrews, 253-856-5113,

City of Kirkland Parks & Community Services
– Update Kirkland 20 Year Plan    $50,000
Expand Green Kirkland Partnership to newly annexed neighborhoods, including five additional parks and 11 open spaces transferred to city ownership, representing an additional  72.43 acres to include in the plan. Coordinate volunteers and crews to remove invasives and plant native plants in parks around Kirkland. Contact: Jennifer Schroder, 425-587-3301,

City of Kirkland Public Works Department
– Stormwater Audit Pilot Program     $20,000
Funding for a Low Impact Development rebate program for private landowners. A stormwater auditor will assess properties and provide recommendations and options for landowners to implement. Contact: Betsy Adams, 425-587-3858,

City of Maple Valley Public Works – Lake Lucerne Outlet Restoration     $32,803              
Additional funding to support restoration of the Lake Lucerne outlet. Contact: Ken Srilofung, 425-413-8800 X 646,

City of Seattle Dept of Parks & Recreation - Jimi Hendrix Park Garden Expansion   $9,604  
Increases the 2012 KCD-funded project to expand the rain gardens and include a butterfly garden. The project is located in at the Northwest African American Museum in the Central District. Contact: Andy Sheffer, 206-684-7041,

City of Seattle Dept of Transportation - Neighborhood Beautification Tool Trailer   $17,300 
Provides a trailer with tools for regular use by community groups working with SDOT Urban Forestry Program. Trailer will include educational materials on landscaping best practices. Contact: Susan Paine, 206-386-4681, Email:

City of Tukwila Parks & Recreation Department
– Codiga Park Shoreline Restoration     $10,000 Stewardship training and ongoing support to perform invasive plant control and replanting with the help of Earth Corps. Contact: Paul Surek, 206-433-7157,

– Eagle Landing Park Restoration      $37,104               
Building upon previously funded work in 2010, park volunteers and City staff will remove invasive plants and replant with natives on approximately 80,000 square feet of the 5.8 acre park, with free help from a Washington Dept of Natural Resources crew. More than one thousand plants will be installed and maintained.  Contact: Bill Brosseau, 206-322-9296 X 207,

– Eagle Landing Park Trail Restoration and Development      $12,232
Decommission stairway trail that has failed and replace it with a boardwalk and trail protecting shoreline from erosion and allowing pedestrians safe access to the beach.   Contact: Bill Brosseau, 206-322-9296 X 207,

– Puget Sound Stewards - Duwamish River     $19,500
Expand recruitment, training and retention of volunteer stewards to lead outreach activities at four Duwamish River restoration sites, and in nearby neighborhoods (City of Seattle and WRIA 9). Contact: Dhira Brown,

Friends of Licorice Fern Natural Area
- Habitat Restoration     $17,635
Funded through the Thornton Creek Alliance, restoration of seven acres of deciduous forest along the North Branch of Thornton Creek, including planting and volunteer training. Contacts: Gary Olson, 206-523-4384,, and Donna Keyser, 206-784-8875,

Friends of the Burke Gilman Trail Northern Burke-Gilman Trail Restoration   $25,300
Funding through the Seattle Parks Foundation to restore  1.5 miles of the Burke-Gilman Trail in northeast Seattle,  including plants, new tools, volunteer work parties, community outreach and a  plan to complete the remaining trail restoration. Contacts: Shava Lawson, 206-332-9900,, and Nalani Askov, 206-397-6704,

Friends of Yesler Swamp  –  Yesler Swamp Shoreline Restoration & Walkway   $45,000
Funding through the Seattle Parks Foundation to restore 4,700 square feet of wetland near the University of Washington, including a public walkway, community outreach and education. Contacts: Shava Lawson, 206-332-9900,, and Carol Arnold, 206-632-2660,

King County Agriculture Program
– Keeping Farmers Farming     $191,000            
Support for King County programs to conserve farmland and agricultural soils, increase economic success of farm enterprises, and improve farm management practices to protect soil, water quality, and wildlife. Contact: Kathy Creahan, 206-477-4772,

Magnuson Community Center - Habitat Connections Field Trip Program   $9,226
Provides Habitat Connections field trips and transportation for 2nd and 3rd grade classes in north Seattle, including hands on learning activities at the Magnuson Community Center native plant landscape. Contact: Karla Withrow, 206-684-7026,

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust - Discovery Park Capehart Restoration Project   $43,000
Restores the 21-acre Capehart site at Discovery Park, including volunteer work parties and partnerships with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Carter Subaru and others. Contact: Tor Bell, 206-849-4331,

Nature Consortium - Urban Forestry Summer Job Training Internship   $23,100
Designs a summer-long intensive forest restoration job training internship for high school teens from groups under-represented in the environmental field. Location is West Duwamish Greenbelt.  Contact: Renee Mona, 206-923-0853,

Newcastle Weed Warriors – Hands On! Critters, Creatures & Farm Animals     $500
Connect urban kids to wildlife and farm animals via a petting zoo where they can experience and interact with tame animals in a safe and fun environment as part of the Newcastle Days event. Contact: Grace Stiller, 206-795-5783,

Solid Ground Lettuce Link Program - Lost Fork of Hamm Creek Stewardship Project   $11,335
Restores the portion of Hamm Creek that runs by Marra Farm in South Park, including community cleanup work parties, educational materials, and signs. Contacts: Amelia Swinton, 206-694-6731,, and Nate Moxley, 206- 694-6754,

Snoqualmie Tribe
– Tolt MacDonald Park Riparian Habitat Restoration      $11,000           
Restoration of a minimum of 2.5 acres of critical floodplain riparian buffer to improve degraded shoreline and riparian habitat conditions in a high priority reach and highly visible site on the lower Tolt River in Carnation. Contact: David Steiner, 425-888-6551 X 1114,            

Stewardship Partners
- Rain Gardens for Underserved Communities in South Seattle   $40,000
Installs rain gardens or cisterns in south Seattle neighborhoods that could include Longfellow Creek, South Park, Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley. Contact:Aaron Clark, 206-292-9875,

Sustainable Seattle - Greening the Grounds: Holy Family Church and Parish   $42,000  
Supports the installation and community demonstration of green infrastructure features that will reduce rain water runoff and leverage the City’s RainWise and stormwater credit programs. The 13-acre site is in White Center. Contact: Hannah Kett, 206-622-3522,

University of Washington - Urban Pollination Project - $13,000
Supports research and conservation of native pollinators through education in schools, public workshops, YouTube videos, and experimental data gathering. Locations include community gardens.Contacts: Marie Clifford,, and Karen Bergeron, 206-616-7022,

YMCA Earth Service Corps - Stewardship, Watershed Restoration & Ecology Education   $15,000
Funds a one-year, hands-on restoration program at West Seattle, Cleveland and Roosevelt High Schools. Students from each school will restore three project sites. Contact: Geoff Eseltine, 206-839-8913,

City of Issaquah – Lower Issaquah Creek Restoration     $250,000
Improve salmon habitat and natural functions in the lower reach by implementing in-stream improvements to control erosion and sedimentation along 1800 lineal feet of creek (WRIA 8). Contact: Kerry Ritland, 425-837-3410,

City of Normandy Park
– Beaconsfield on the Sound      $336,500              
Continued acquisition of 10 shoreline parcels through fee simple purchase or easements to create a contiguous conservation area along Puget Sound (Normandy Park and WRIA 9). Contact: Maryanne Zukowski, 206-248-8256,  

City of Tukwila
– Duwamish Gardens Construction    $300,000   
Creation of close to an acre of shallow water habitat (mud flats surrounded by emergent marsh)  along a stretch of the transition zone currently devoid of off channel shallow areas for juvenile salmonids (WRIA 9). Contact: Ryan Larson, 206-431-2456,  

– Duwamish River Habitat Maintenance and Monitoring     $25,000
Invasive removal, native plant installation, mulching, steep bank stabilization, goose excluder fence maintenance and vegetation monitoring at six restoration sites on the Duwamish River (WRIA 9). Contact: Dhira Brown,

– Puget Sound Stewards - Duwamish River     $18,306
Expand recruitment, training and retention of volunteer stewards to lead outreach activities at four Duwamish River restoration sites, and in nearby neighborhoods (City of Seattle and WRIA 9). Contact: Dhira Brown,

– Connecting Community to Clean Urban Waters     $5,000        
Outreach and education activities with schools and neighborhoods closest to Westcrest Park and Maple School Ravine to continue restoration in those parks with professional and volunteer labor and reach residents in the South Seattle neighborhoods (WRIA 9). Contact: Joanna Nelson de Flores, 206-905-6913,

King County Water & Land Resources Division
– Tolt River & Griffin Creek Additions     $68,214
Protect high quality floodplain and riparian habitat and associated habitat forming processes in two key Snoqualmie sub-basins to further the recovery of salmonids by purchasing property and precluding further development. (WRIA 7 - Snoqualmie Forum) Contact: Mary Maier, 206-477-4762,

King County Water & Land Resources Division
– Big Spring Creek Restoration    $330,000
Funds phase two of this large-scale restoration project which includes the creation of a new 1,200 foot stream channel, riparian corridor, rerouting of a roadside ditch to the new channel and the acquisition of a northern parcel to create a flood berm to protect adjacent landowners (WRIA 9). Contact: Josh Kahan, 206-477-4721,

King County Water & Land Resources Division
– Newaukum Creek Revegetation Project      $25,000
Revegetate areas of public land along two tributaries of Newaukum Creek (Stonequarry Creek and North Fork Newaukum Creek) to increase shade, lower temperature, and improve refuge and food availability for salmonids before weeds can re-infest the banks. (WRIA 9) Contact: Sally Abella, 206-296-8382,

Mid Puget Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group
– Big Spring Creek Smolt Monitoring  $12,500
Build a new, more durable two-way  trap to monitor  smolt migration patterns for the 2014 season, analyze data, reporting and preparation for 2015 monitoring year, which will inform project planners about the immediate impacts of the large scale project on fish. (WRIA 9) Contact: Troy Fields,

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust – Little Bear Creek Knotweed Control & Reforestation   $5,553
Conduct a weed survey, control invasive weeds, and plant native vegetation along the lower two miles of the creek in partnership with the City of Woodinville and Snohomish County (WRIA 8). Contact: Tor Bell, 206-849-4331,

Stewardship Partners
– Salmon-Safe Vashon Island      $8,318
Identify and reach out to landowners on Vashon Island for Salmon-Safe Certification, with the goal of assessing and certifying 12 landowners in cooperation with multiple organizations including KCD, the Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust, and chef and restaurant owner Matt Dillon. (WRIA 9) Contact: David Burger, 206-292-9875,

Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust
– Judd Creek Estuary Acquisition      $12,000
Funds to negotiate and bridge-finance the purchase of ten acres in the heart of the Judd Creek estuary from the top of the tidal influence down to the Judd Creek Bridge. Judd Creek is the largest watershed on Vashon with naturally spawning runs of salmon. (WRIA 9) Contact: Tom Dean, 206-463-2644,