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King Conservation District Grant Program
2016 Seattle Community Partnership Grant Awards

The King Conservation District awards grants for projects that directly enhance natural resources, provide education and outreach to increase public awareness, build capacity for natural resource improvement projects, and implement pilot or demonstration projects across King County.

In 2016, KCD awarded $1,072,036 in grants to twenty-nine public agencies and nonprofit organizations.
In partnership with the City of Seattle, $386,208 in grants were awarded for community projects in Seattle that meet mutual natural resource improvement goals.

Below is a list of the funded organizations with brief descriptions of their projects. Please contact Jessica Saavedra (425) 282-1906, with any questions about these projects.

Seattle Parks Foundation – Dead Horse Canyon East Restoration   $33,200
Survey 1.2 acres of Lakeridge Park in southeast Seattle, remove invasive species as identified, install erosion control, plant native plants and maintain the area. In partnership with Rainier Beach Action Coalition, perform community outreach to increase awareness about the park, native plants, and to encourage community members to get involved. For more information contact Peter Mason, 206-388-6490,

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association – Delridge Wetlands Restoration & Stewardship Project   $45,300
Restore onsite wetlands to improve quality of stormwater runoff to Longfellow Creek, provide hands-on environmental education, allow public access, and create community supported agriculture for the residents of Delridge. For more information contact Willard Brown, 206-935-2999,

Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition – Empowering Youth and the Community   $ 45,000
Engage 45 youth from South Park and Georgetown in job training and environmental education to build the Duwamish Valley Youth Corps to engage the broader community in the creation of a list of 30-36 projects in collaboration with community partners who will help develop curriculum and service projects. For more information contact Hannah Kett, 206-359-1774,

Associated Recreation Council – Explore Roxhill Bog: Headwaters of Longfellow Creek   $28,760
Create an education program for elementary students focused on stormwater and water quality in the Longfellow Creek watershed. For more information contact Jeanie Murphy-Ouellette, 206-233-2637,

Islandwood – Urban Watershed Education Project   $30,000
Partner with Seattle Public Schools to develop curriculum and field trips to Brightwater Wastewater Treatment center for students to learn more about the impact of humans on water quality. For more information contact Kate Bedient, 206-263-9524,

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle – Environmental Stewardship Program   $40,000
Reach multi-lingual and multi-cultural communities with information about actions they can take to address environmental issues such stormwater pollution and green stormwater infrastructure. Workshops will be held along with in-home visits. For more information contact Judith Panlasigui, 206-767-0432 X 1006,

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust – Rattlesnake Ledge Trail Improvement   $25,000
Repair key areas of the trail where significant erosion has taken place to improve drainage, revegetate damaged natural areas, and stabilize slopes. For more information contact Mackenzie Dolstad, 206-382-5565 X 29,

Seattle Aquarium – Beach Naturalist and Salmon Journey Programs   10,948
Partner with community groups to offer field-trip based education program focused on Puget Sound and salmon. For more information contact Janice Mathisen, 206-386-4365,

Seattle Tilth – Good Food Bag Expansion   $50,000
Expand the Good Food Bag Program to 20 new child care centers while making improvements to efficiency at distribution sites. For more information contact Derek Farmer, 206-200-2933,

Earth Corps – Burke Gilman Trail Pollinator Habitat   $45,000
Improve pollinator habitat along the trail and create a best management practice document to guide the implementation of similar projects across the city. For more information contact Matthew Schwartz, 206- 322-9296 X 206,

Stewardship Supplies   $15,000
Provide stewardship supplies such as native plants, mulch, tools, and cisterns to water plantings for community gardens and orchard needs. Recipient organizations to be determined. For more information contact Jessica Saavedra, 425-282-1906,