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Where the Water Begins:
Land Management Practices for
Marine Shoreline & Bluff Landowners

The King Conservation District facilitated three workshops during May and June 2006 for property owners along the marine shorelines of King County.  These workshops were designed to provide marine shoreline and bluff landowners with information on maintaining marine nearshore and marine riparian zone ecosystems, recognizing and minimizing geologic hazards, using native vegetation to reduce erosion and using native vegetation to improve fish and wildlife habitat.

The workshops were attended by 79 marine shoreline and bluff landowners, of which 52 have requested technical assistance site visits.  The District will work with these landowners over the summer months to help them develop plans to manage the natural resource management challenges they face.

These workshops are offered in May and June of each calendar year. Those who may want to consider attending include:

If you are interested in receiving notification about future workshop dates, contact Brandy Reed by email at Brandy Reed, using the subject heading "Where the Water Begins."

For more information, contact Brandy Reed
phone: (425) 282-1924 
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