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Animal Grazing Behavior:
Understanding & Managing Livestock,
Wildlife, Plants, Soils & People

The King Conservation District sponsored a 2½-day workshop presented by world class animal behavior specialist Dr. Fred Provenza from Utah State University.

This workshop explored the relationships among soils, plants, herbivores, people, and ecosystems by focusing on how behavior influences food and habitat selection.  Using examples from a variety of landscapes, Dr. Provenza showed how behavior can be used as a tool to change the patterns of grazing animals around riparian areas, to control weeds, manage fire breaks, minimize damage to crops, enhance biodiversity and reduce animal loss due to toxic plants. The information presented in this workshop has immediate applications for cattle and sheep producers, dairy farmers, wildlife biologists, horse owners, hay producers and other working with grazing issues, animal reintroductions or foraging behavior of any kind.  For additional information on DR. Provenza's work, visit

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